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Posted by Anonymous on 06/04/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoke

This was my first experience using salvia divinorum and it won't be my last. I was with a buddy who was acting as the sitter, because I tend to get extremely hyper when I alter my state of thought. Knowing the possible effects of this amazing plant, I decided to my research and saw that it helps intensify the trip on the minds of philosophical people (not sure if itís true.) Now the best I describe on that note, is that I see myself as a one way radio, I can understand and process it but canít speak it. Also Iím a very open minded and relaxed person, that does believe in a higher being. So in saying that, let me describe my first trip on salvia.
My buddy and I were in a dark room with candles, due to the fact that I broke the bulb earlier that day. So I took my pipe and sparked up then inhaled 3 massive hits. After this I slowly started to feel the natural effects of the high. Less than a minute later I was melting away. From what my buddy said, I blacked out. To me, it was completely different. There was this strange music in the background that I really canít explain but it was slightly weird. All of the sudden the whole universe feel on me and I felt as if my life and existence were caving in and leaving me. Suddenly a figure appeared and told me that my known universe was a mask for something greater and he wanted me to continue on and eventually join him. After this I started a new life, which was quickly folded in and taken away. Honestly, I can say I was scared at first. Yet the more times the universe folded on me, the more I believed I had actually stumbled across the existence of a higher being. Then everything gradually speed up, I went through the universe and new life being sucked away almost 50 times. By this time I had reached the figure, and he said that I was almost there. There was tremendous excitement for me because I was flying to that next level, the one that went hand in hand with the controller of everything I know. Though shortly there after, I realized it wasnít real and I was tripping so I fought it and slowly came back. I believe I met someone far beyond the reaches of what people know and it caught me off guard. I was fine when I returned to a normal state of being, but this was so intense. I went to bed right after I came out of it and woke up the next morning very intrigued. So here I sit reading other peopleís trips and now sharing my own.


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