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Posted by Marcus Delius on 30/05/2008
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Type/Strength:Salvia Divinorum 5x
Dosage:Approx. 1/8th teaspoon
Method of Ingestion:Smoked in water pipe

I would like to relate my first time experience with SD about 2 months ago:

I purchased 1 gram of 5X standardized SD on line. Although I had done some research on SD I felt it prudent to go slow as I know this is a very potent substance. My first try was to smoke an amount equivalent to the 1/8th of a teaspoon in a regular pipe. The smoke was very harsh and it was difficult to keep down. After 5, 10, 15 minutes there was really no effect except for a slight buzz. I then tried vaporizing the same amount at about 400 degrees. However this did not work either. I decided to stop for the time being and do more research into the matter. I read that a large amount of smoke is necessary to induce the effects and that the best device for this is a bong, since it also mellows the harshness of the smoke. Yesterday I loaded up my bong with about 1/8th of a teaspoon worth of 5x SD and took a big hit.

The effect was immediate and it was AWESOME in the most reverential and beautiful way. My first impression was a feeling of familiarity as if this were the true reality and that what I had left behind, my body and the material world was of a much lower order. I felt myself to be on a much higher plane in which I was able to become aware of  UNIVERSAL MIND itself, there are no other words for it, of which my MIND was a definite part and which was attached to my body only temporarily. There was also a great feeling of  understanding and relief to know that such a place exists and that all humans as far as they have minds are a part of it whether they are aware of it or not.  I was also struck by the thought that this is what we as human beings are really aspiring to. That what we crave, want, feel in our everyday real world is really only a manifestation of the need to meld our MINDS with this UNIVERSAL MIND, and that no matter what we do, who we become, what we achieve, what we own, what we pray for, all of our cravings in this material world is really the manifestation of this need and longing to be reunited with this UNIVERSAL MIND.

I felt (because there was definitely still an I) a slight pressure and voices calling me towards this MIND. I knew more clearly than anything else I have ever known that it was benign and loving. I believe the voice that urged me in a very gentle way was that of the Shepherdess herself. I felt that there were other beings there as well, gentle loving creatures that are always around us but whom we simply cannot see in our everyday world. I knew that this was the true goal of all human beings to leave behind this material world and to join our MINDS with the UNIVERSAL MIND that had become manifest to me in this moment. It felt like I was truly going home. I felt warm, safe and secure. There was no fear. I would gladly have left my body behind to become this. I knew in my heart that THIS IS THE TRUE GOAL OF ALL SENTIENT BEINGS. This is true salvation.

I remember visualizing my mind as floating out of the top of my head in a dense cloud of blue-green smoke to join UNIVERSAL MIND. I did not achieve this perfect union because I could also feel something holding me back. After a while the effects started to wear off. I did not want “them” to leave me behind. I felt as if I was being left behind and I actually called out to “them” to not leave me. When I looked at my watch about 60 minutes had passed, although it seemed much shorter.

The after effects were equally amazing. Although back in the material world I did not crave another bowl. In fact I  felt completely satisfied and at ease. I felt wholly in the present. I felt no anxiety, I had no worries, I had no cravings, I felt no desires, and I was neither hungry nor thirsty. Although I suffer from Asthma, my lungs felt better than ever. Later that day I went to the beach and truly enjoyed the beauty of the occasion, in a way that I rarely have.

CONCLUSION: The MOST IMPORTANT thing I learned from this experience were the answers to questions that I have been asking myself for a very long time. Who am I?  Where do I come from? Why do I exist? Is there a higher being? What is my purpose in life? I truly believe that I can say I EXPERIENCED the answers for myself to these questions. I truly experienced the answers in a way that leaves no room for doubt. The answer revealed to me was that the material world, the world of flesh, the world of objects is irrelevant. They are actually hindrances to the real purpose of our lives which is to reunite our minds with UNIVERSAL MIND. It almost seems that when we are born a part of this UNIVERSAL MIND is detached from itself and implanted into us and through out our material lives it craves to be reattached to itself, to be whole again. I know that SD allowed me at the very least to truly experience this and to understand it, even though it is not my time to be reunited with UNIVERSAL MIND. Perhaps when we die this happens automatically. I obviously cannot say. I am very grateful to the Shepherdess for granting me this vision, and am profoundly in awe of her gifts. I cannot have come to this understanding if I prayed for 100 years or read all the philosophy books in the world.

(added later) I believe this experience was so positive and enlightening because for a first time experience, SET(expectations, etc), SETTING and most importantly DOSAGE were optimal for my experience level. In my second SD session which I have reported on this website under the title "The Other Side of the Leaf ", I had a completely different experience. Although SET and SETTING were approximately the same, the DOSAGE was too high, and I suffered the consequences. With SD, luckily there appears to be no lasting consequences for taking too high a dosage except it may scare the S**T out of you (enlightening none the less), but otherwise I have felt no other ill effects at all. What other substances can one say that about?

Finally I would just like to say that the effects of SD are amazingly powerful and awesome. I believe if you are truly and sincerely seeking answers to the eternal questions of life the Shepherdess can guide you to a beautiful and illuminating place. She can also show you the bowels of hell. So be careful and best of luck in your SD journeys.


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