Salvia Trip

universe of flipping color


Posted by Anonymous on 20/08/2009
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Method of Ingestion:bong

I was at a party in the 4th of July. I was playing beer bong when my partner and I lost a game and a guy told me he had some salvia. So im like cool becuase i took before it was actully pretty fun but I wasn't ready for this trip. My beer bong partner and me took the drug the same time. When I smoked the second I let go of the smoke everything in the room became one. I heard a voice told me reality was fake its going to show me the real unvirse. I saw color flipping like a page in a book. Each time a color flipped i heard some strange music each color respresant a diffrent universe. By then I couldn't recall my life i had no memory the only thing i knew i was this color engery and i was part of the flipping . Then I was coming down I could start to see what was in the room but it was the color was flipping like i was two diffrent demension in the sametime. I started to regain my memory slowy. The first thing i remeber was personality and slowly i started rember past envents than i became terrify becuase i thought the flipping would never stop and i wouldnt function in the fake world. Then i hear my friend laughing which was annoying. Then i apprently face planted on the floor i was back in this wolrd. The guy who gave me the salvia told me i was hilarous that i stood up went down to my knees i was druling everhwere and faceplant to the floor i gess that how its explain how i got in the middle of the room after that i question what was real and fake. Then I talked to my beer bong partner how was his trip it was very simlar to mine but diet coke version of it. I warned anybody planning to take it be ready for anything


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Posted by HelloMiakoda on 08/22/2009
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I've always questioned this reality.


Posted by highkind2010 on 08/23/2009
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So unpredictable isn't it?


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 08/23/2009
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Take it into the real (unreal) world and smoke it publicly and maintain your cool.

Then you will understand what is real and what isn't real.

I hope you do. It is always fun with psychoactives in public because you are the only one that knows you are tripping.

When was anything ever predictable anyway?

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