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Posted by Anonymous on 01/12/2008
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Method of Ingestion:DIY Bottle Bucket/Bong

A little pre-use background. I had been out all night on the town with friends for a birthday. We then returned to one of their flats for a party. At this point I was drunk but in full control and having good banter with everyone at the party. About an hour after arriving 5 of use went into the kitchen to share a gram of salvia 40x bought earlier that day. I was second as I hadn't experienced this strength before. The first person to take it dealt with it remarkably, only saying "this is trippy as hell" during a 5 minute period but maintaining composure through out. At the sight of this I was very relaxed and then took my hit. One strong full inhalation, i then stood back and held it for 10 seconds, before exhaling fully.

This next part is purely from my vivid recollection, as I felt at the exact time:

I laughed amoung my friends for 5 seconds before turning to look out the window and gazing out across the river. It was dark and foggy outside, very grim indeed. As I turned back to rejoin the conversation, my eyes caught a green toaster. Its colour was unbelievably rich and pure, i reached out to it then heard laughter as my friend (ill call bob)
tugged lightly on my arm remarked "its cool isn't it?" I looked at him, instantly recognizing him and the other 3 people in the room all standing round smiling warmly before looking back at the toaster. Everything I looked at was now very colourful as if exaggerated like in a cartoon. Every object within view was also made up of small dots, but these small dots defined everything well (as if looking at an lcd television from close range). I then recieved another tug from bob saying "are you ok?". At this very moment I became aware of why he kept talking to me. It was as if he was trying to comfort me as I was slowly realising that nothing in the room was real. I was being awoken to a different reality. Everyone in the room was laughing in a way as to say "ahh i remember the moment i was freed from it all" I was panicking but rationalizing alternately every second. I looked at the sink with the used bottle bong in it and understood that it was the key to being removed from the world and taken to the place my friends were, a place i still had no idea of. I could look at the sink, the window, the toaster and it was all there, but when i looked to my friends i couldn't define anything behind them. I was standing right in between this world and theirs. I now had a basic understanding of my situation but questioned why? I looked at an empty can of coca-cola then bob, "hahaha, look its ok..." he remarked, and the can rolled out out flat on the table. Everything he said echoed as did the laughter, I was powerless. He tampered with everything I looked at or thought of that could convince me that my life to this day wasn't just a fake reality. He was rearranging the dots I mentioned earlier. It was all just simple dots of colour that could be easily manipulated, how could I not see this before? I then felt my head being pulled towards this new world, Id pull back, but it was as it was strapped to an elastic band - everytime i pulled away, it pulled back with greater elasticity. The laughter was intense, i was powerless but not frightened, just instinctively trying not to be taken from the world i knew. Everything was now being sucked in as was I. The dots whirling away past me, everything I ever knew stripped molecule by molecule. My hand was on the table which was the last thing to go.

I will pause here because there was a brief period of a minute or two which i cannot recall.

I had peaked at this point, accepted now reality wasn't real. I was in one of the bedrooms with bob, it had guitars strewn everywhere (I had been in this bedroom before so I knew it was in the flat etc)

Bob was sitting on the bed, I was standing in the middle of the room. He was laughing, I was smiling. I rearranged a picture on the wall so that it displayed something completely different. I filled the room with more guitars then, completely emptied it. Bob was laughing as if to say "How funny is it? You can do whatever you want, why were u resisting earlier." I then sat on the bed for a few seconds, before feeling immensely tired. I lay down and closed my eyes, thoughts raced through my head. I then opened my eyes only to see a high crease in the blue bed covers, which i had to get over. It was huge, a massive wave in the ocean, but the water was so thick i barely broke the surface. I was sloshing about in this expanse of blue goo. I closed my eyes again to rest them for a few seconds (my senses slowly creeping back to me) it seemed when i closed my eyes i could reason but when i opened them it was all too much to deal with. I opened my eyes again to find myself lying flat on a chess board again it was HUGE. The king moved over to me slowly, and i looked up at it. I closed my eyes again this time for about a minute before opening them. The bedroom was back, lifted my head and looked around before dropping it again and closing my eyes. I lay there for about three minutes before two friends from the kitchen burst into the room laughing. I stood up and was now fully conscious and resolute. I tried talking to them, saying the most amazing thing just happened to me, however, I could not get any sense from them. Everything they said had no purpose at the time. I went back into the kitchen and realized they had just taken a hit each.

This is two days on and I'm still often thinking about how strongly I felt at the time. It was like being unplugged from the matrix. A deep true feeling of confusion and non belief as it happened.

Would I try it again? Probably, at no time was I truely terrified, mostly just unsettled. But my time playing with the world in the bedroom was highly enjoyable.


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Posted by hero4evz on 12/01/2008
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Amazing recollection of your journey. A joy to read!


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 12/03/2008
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Thanks for sharing.

It never ceases to amaze me how Salvia opens (or disconnects) our normal pysche and everyday common things seem to seem so alien. It is insidious how it digs out our deepest regions in our minds and projects them in our memories.

Nice Report.

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