Salvia Trip

Unrolling Carpet of Eternity


Posted by Anonymous on 13/06/2010
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Method of Ingestion:water bong

This was my first experience with salvia and probably my last. Me and two of my buddies went to a small playground in a field at night. I am aware now that this was not a good enviroment for salvia. I was somewhat scared of getting a bad trip but I thought other stories were exagerrated so I wasn't too worried. I was very wrong.
I remember taking the hit and sitting up for about 20 seconds. I do not remember the trip starting I only remember it ending. The first thing that I can recall was a strange floating sensation in an alternate version of the playground that looked like two mirrors facing eachother and repeating into eternity. At this point I was barely self aware and I couldn't even remember taking salvia. A strange alienish version of my friend was talking to me. I can't remember what it said at that point. It looked like a stretched photoshop face floating in front of me and holding the side of head talking into my ear. The alien was familiar but I didn't know it was my friend at the time. Even using the word time doesn't work when describing this. The concept of time became meaningless and I felt like a person who had just lost everything important to them: family, friends, reality and time. The last two weren't important to me until I lost them. The alien creature kept repeating itself like a broken record "It's okay your part of this world now you will be here forever, It's okay, it's okay" I don't think I actually heard these things being said but It felt like it was communicated to me telapathetically by the creature. Then the alien dragged me down into the ground and i became part of the ground. The ground was like water and below it was a world of endlessly spinning triangle vortexes and castles. Then the alien started to unroll me as if I were a carpet. I physically felt like a spiral in shape I can't thing of anyother way to describe it. The whole world turned into a spinning Kaleidascope.
Throughout the entire trip this voice was calmly telling me I was going to be like this forever as a part of the spirals my only purpose was spinning for no reason. I remember trying to scream "what the frick!?!?" repeatedly but I couldn't hear the words, like when neos mouth seals shut in the matrix. I felt like I was trapped in eternity. Then the spinning started to slow down and I slowly became more self aware of what had happened and that I had taken Salvia. I felt like i was gone forever but it was only 5 minutes. Even after the effects had worn off I felt like puking and crying. For almost two days i thought reality was going to shatter and I would return to the spiral world. I still have nightmares about this experience but overall it made me appreciate life alot more. This was hand down the most horrifying thing that has happened to me, I think it is potentially scarier than facing death because death has an ending and this was eternal.

According to my friends I laughed for about 10 seconds and then I started saying "what the frick? what the frick?! What the FRIIIICK?!?!?!?!!" each one getting proggessively louder and my friend told me it was the most terrifying scream he had ever heard. He also kept telling me "it's okay it's okay" and he tried to hold because i had tried to stand up at one point.


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Posted by alfonsdewolf on 06/28/2010
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Good report. I, too felt there was no breaking away from the reality that had engulfed me. It was terrifying trying to come back. I felt stuck in an instant of time.

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