Salvia Trip

Unzipping myself


Posted by Anonymous on 02/01/2009
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Type/Strength:Salvia Divinorum 20x
Method of Ingestion:Smoking

Ahhh Salvia. I had smoked Salvia a few times prior, had a fit of the giggles and some minor hallucinations, but nothing like this time.

Without a thought in my mind, no hesitation, nothing, I lit that bowl and let it rip. As I held the smoke in, I remember the taste from other times before, this strangely familiar taste almost... I exhale...

I am sitting at the edge of the mattress, then I feel as if my body is being disected from my head to my toes. It did not hurt, but it was an extreme sensation, almost a wet-electric current of some sorts representing disection points.

In my field of vision, everything is starting to fold inwards towards the center of my pictures, everything is lining up and merging inwards in a zipper-like pattern.

I feel my body starting to merge with everything in the room, which is now a brightly colored zipper of everything, and I am being unzipped into a black emptiness. It feels oddly mechanical yet completely natural.

It all happened so fast I didn't really start to react until I realised I was in the middle of nowhere, having no idea how I got to this great black emptiness, but I knew if I let the unzipping continue, I would disappear.

I could see one of the sides of the zipper collecting into a spiraling circle in the corner of my vision. Suddenly I thought of the Wheel of Fortune - a connection to reality. The circle began to rewind itself and the zipper began to zip back up, I could physically feel my body being repieced back together as the room began to form itself as my body seperated with the rooms objects.

But then all of a sudden, it began to unzip again, I was terrified. I was almost on the verge of getting back, I knew it, but somehow I was unzipping again, I was scared out of my mind.

During this time all I can remember is the sensation of starting to unzip again while this odd descending musical note composure played. Before this I do not remember any noise at all. But this one was familiar, it was very synthetic sounding, and it matched the unzipping sensation. I figured it out, the noise must be controlling it.

I yelled out to turn off the music, my friends quickly shut it off. Then I slowly zipping back up. Back to reality. I was in a cold sweat- instantly reminding me of the wet-electric feeling of the initial unzipping.

I was told I did not move at all, I stayed sitting on the matress hunched over.

It was a truely profound moment.


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