Salvia Trip

Void III


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 23/07/2009
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Type/Strength:Blend / 20x
Method of Ingestion:Smoked Ice Bong

I was at home when the phone rang.. should I answer? I was sitting working on the PC while having some drinks and also had 2 hits off the bong of my smoke blend mix. (LEGAL BLEND) I dont smoke illegal substances. (

OK.. It is a good friend so I answered thge phone. "Hey can you come over and tell me why my printer isnt working?" OK Wow.. get in my vehicle and drive 1 mile to go fix the problem. Yes? No?

It was yes. Friends are hard to come by that really mean alot to me.

I slammed my drink, changed clothes and I was off to be a hero. Wait a minute !!! It is a beautiful sunny day and I am not going to waste this opportunity to trip a little.

I loaded a bowl of my smoke blend (Sadi X / Dagga) and took a big deep hit and held it in for about 20 seconds. Grabbed my keys, locked the house, smiled and said hello to a couple of neighbors and headed for the road.

I started the voyaging machine and the radio was playing "Roadhouse Blues" keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes upon the road.. da doodle a da da da.. LOL.. I lost it.. I laughed so hard i had to wipe the tears from my eyes.

OK. As I reversed from the parking stall colors were blazing all over the place. I had to stop and adjust my mindset. Whoa !! Maybe not a good idea.

Then I heard the small voice. Your friend needs your help. Get your shit together. so I did.

Where I live the trees even have bright colored flowers all over them and the world turned into a cartoon airbrush wonderland as I guided the mechanical thing connected to my ass. The music was keeping me moving staright ahead to my destination. A moment and then another and another as everything in my visual field seemed like a TV screen or movie screen. Amazing.

The color show was so beautiful I just forgot all about worrying if I could drive. It was like breathing, or like you knew how to ride a bike, so you just do it.

I spent about an hour at my friend's house and fixed the printer. Paper jam. Duh !! LOL. An hour? WTF LOL. I can drive there but it took me an hour to see the paper stuck in the printer. I just brushed it off as "water off a duck's back".

I said goodbye to my friend and then well, then the drive home. Time stood still as I rolled in the earth machine stuck to my ass. Each and every tree, plant, flowers, sky, sun, the earth, were carrying me back to the origin of the pre-arranged journey.

I was in awe as it became clear to me that I had just been traveling through the void.

Again and again I am returned to my place of uncountable dreams. A peace covered me as it seemed like "there was something I have missed". It just seemed so clear, "I am meant to be here from the beginning".


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Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/27/2009
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So the blend is sally + dagga? Sounds good.

Man, I wouldn't have driven in that condition, but it sounds like you know your limits. Nice post.

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