Salvia Trip

Walking head


Posted by grimjim on 04/09/2010
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Type/Strength:10x Standardised Extract
Method of Ingestion:Small pipe+hurricane lighter

Took my dog for evening walk in the fields, while listening to some chilled music on the ipod. Had a large pinch in my little pipe, and held in while I continued to walk. I've done Sadi several times and getting confident about the levels, strengths and effects so that I dont have too much but enough to give an interesting trip.

I started to feel the trip coming on, and within about 5 or 10 seconds everything became the usual strange feelings, but it seems that every time I do Sadi I experience a new kind of trip. Each one has its own unique experience and story to tell.

As I walked, I totally lost contact with my body from the neck down!

Do you know how your mouth feels when the dentist injects the stuff to make your teeth numb? And you cant feel your face or lips properly. It was kinda like that from the neck down, although far nicer than being at the dentist!

I became very sensitive to the feelings in my throat and neck as it supported the weight of my head, and I could feel the cord of the dogs lead around my neck and shoulders (I always hang it there while the dog is off his lead). I felt and rubbed my throat with my hand to check these feelings.

Now it was beginning to feel like my head was being walked along, but as if my throat was opening out and doing the walking along the ground! I looked down and could see the ground moving along below me, but was unaware of my body and feet actually doing the walking. I could see them moving but they didnt seem to be part of me, cool.

It felt like all that existed was my head, floating/bobbing along 6 feet above the ground, LOL.

And my perception of time has been totally frazzled again. I suddenly wondered how I had travelled 200 yards further along the path - in an instant!!

Over the next few minutes my bodily feelings slowly started to return. Quite a pleasant but bizarre trip.


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