Salvia Trip

Watch the earth unzip


Posted by Anonymous on 06/04/2011
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Type/Strength:Plain leaf
Method of Ingestion:Smoke

I was in the mood to do some salvia, so I positioned my chair so as to see the view I prefer in my back yard.
My immediate back yard is level and then goes up hill. I sat just behind and to the right of a 30 ft. tall bald cypress tree, looking at the grassy hill in front of me. It was late evening maybe an hour before sunset.
I took my regular single big hit of salvia and held in as long as possible. As soon as I released it began to happen as always.
The grassy earth on the hill began to bulge upward and then unzip slowly coming toward me until it came right beside me. I felt the chair lean to the left as it made its way beside me to the right. I could even hear the sound of a zipper as it unzip slowly. It revealed only the blackness of space between the bright green grass.
I was never afraid. I am always fascinated by the visions. Never knowing what wonders await me.


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