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Posted by Ichhasseihr on 14/04/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Makeshift Waterbong

So, my friend and I had been talking about mind expanding drugs, and the talk of 'Salvia' had come up, and we had both considered the idea. The idea had come up on a Monday, and we talked about it, and did our homework on it, and became fairly knowledgeable on the subject.
Don't get the wrong idea, we're both straight arrows, we've never done anything as much as pot, let alone a cigarette. We were only really concerned with the legality of it, and seeing as how we live in West Virginia, it was on the up and up. But, to continue the story:
We totally ditched school on Friday, and go to the local headshop, and talk to the owner. He tells us that it's some of the hardest shit we're ever to have done at this point, at that point, I told him that we'd never done anything, and he laughed in our faces. He told us of a trip he had, and it seemed like it was going to be pretty hardcore. So, we buy it from him, and the shit's expensive as hell, I got a gram of SS10X Salvia-A, for $40.
We decide to wait until later that evening to do it, so while he's out doing something, I'm at home making the water bong out of a G2pen, and a bottle of water. I make it, it's pretty up to specs, we're happy. Okay, so I load it up, and seeing as how I had done more research on the bong, lol, since I loaded it up, I decided that it was him that should hit it first.
We take it that night... nothing, like at all. We did it wrong obviously. We wasted about 3/8 of the gram. The next day, my experienced drug-bum, that had never payed for shit in his life, had showed me how I should pack it, and he hits it, and he's jolly.
My friend is mad, but really, I should be, I went all in on the bill. But taking what I'd learned, I decided to try it again by myself that Sunday night, and damn. I mean damn.
I didn't 'hallucinate' but I had a very altered perception. I was 1,000 miles up. My room was the only thing that I could even fathom existing. It was the universe to me, and I was god. I didn't have any recollection of it after it hit me. It took 2 good hits, but to go on: I was hysterical, the feeling was weird, I was flattened out into a ball, and rolled up. I was mixed with emotion, laughing, and crying, but the crying wasn't out of sadness, or fear. It was like a happy cry if anything. Like when I would look at my computer desk, I felt so small. I would look at it, and everything was like a shear cliff. My keyboard was as so far away. I felt like I had to reach forever to get my arms to it. I didn't know if I was alive, or if I was dead, I was just there. It was just a mixture of a 1st person, and an onmiscent point of view. It was like being Archimedes. I started becoming a little more coherent, and tried to talk to my girlfriend. This is the chat log:

(08:34:29 PM) ichhasseihr: no
(08:36:11 PM) ichhasseihr: omg
(08:36:17 PM) ashley: what?
(08:36:39 PM) ichhasseihr: holy
(08:36:44 PM) ichhasseihr: fhit
(08:36:48 PM) ichhasseihr: ghit
(08:36:51 PM) ashley: what?
(08:36:54 PM) ashley: *shit.
(08:36:58 PM) ichhasseihr: shit
(08:37:07 PM) ichhasseihr: this
(08:37:08 PM) ichhasseihr: omg
(08:37:20 PM) ashley: are you on salvia right now?
(08:37:20 PM) ichhasseihr: How I a
(08:37:21 PM) ichhasseihr: no
(08:37:25 PM) ichhasseihr: pwerhaps
(08:37:32 PM) ashley: you are.
(08:37:54 PM) ichhasseihr: Uhhgh
(08:38:01 PM) ashley: are you at your house?
(08:38:05 PM) ichhasseihr: Yes
(08:38:10 PM) ichhasseihr: I think img beetts
(08:38:14 PM) ashley: with blake?
(08:38:30 PM) ichhasseihr: no
(08:40:10 PM) ichhasseihr: wth
(08:40:13 PM) ichhasseihr: wtf

*at (08:38:10 PM) if you know what I was trying to say, go ahead and tell me. I have no clue.

Now on average, I can type around 80-100 wpm, and I type like this, with very anal grammar, like all the time. So for me to type like this, is pretty odd.
The one thing I do remember fairly well, is after my second good hit, I spilled something, and said to myself “that does not go there” to the water, and wiped it up with my shirt. And reassured my room that I was fine. When I would look at the stairs leading up, I would feel like a giant. My breathing was rather irregular, and is probably what caused the laughing/crying.
It's Monday morning, and I'm going to finish out the remaining 37.5% of my gram with another friend after school. It's going to be pretty cash. And next weekend we're all going to pitch in for some >30X.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 04/15/2009
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Very nice report.. thanks.

You got ripped off my friend !!! $40 for a gram of 10X is a crime.

If you want to know where to get awesome "extract" reply to this comment and leave me an email address to send you to a place where you will be treated with respect and get #1 quality at a very fair price.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 04/16/2009
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Oh by the way.. I know what you were saying or revealing about your perceptions when Ashley asked if you were at your house... in an instant your concious side of your mind knew you were at home.. yet at the same time you tried to convey that you were dying.. or so you perceived..

it is a very common thread that people experience.. a switching back n forth ..yes i am in this room.. sucked away to a subconcious thought.. I must be dying.. or more accurately you are seeing a mirror thought glued to your real world.. and the thing is they are both valid in synchronized time. swish swoosh swish swoosh.. LMFAO

You did get ripped off at $40 for a gram of 10x.. I can tell you how to get 1.2 grams of 20X at about $40 plus you always receive something free.. oh by the way shipping is free (included)

Watch the signs of the times.
Be Blessed

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