Salvia Trip

who are they?


Posted by Anonymous on 08/07/2011
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Type/Strength:5x extract
Method of Ingestion:smoking

It happened that i manage to delete what i've already written. So now, I'll be very short. It seems that you should pass through an opening, which opens when you smoke the leaves of the Salvia Divinorum plant. This is a door and it happened that i saw through this door, but i didn't pass. I was scared. I think my thoughts turned me back when i realized i was going there. I saw a very flat landscape, made of brilliants and gold, literally, or better - dewy net in the sunshine - and a conscious creature pulling me out of myself. It was laughing at me.
Everything was real, that's why i chose Level 4. That was my second experience. I may have to try the other method - the squid because the trip was so sudden and unexpected. And so strong and unexpected, wow! I should be more careful.
Who are they? Both times, creatures sit near the opening and try to take me with them.
Happily, it lasted for seconds and i am safe.


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