Salvia Trip

Who is she?


Posted by Points on 12/05/2011
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Type/Strength:5x-20x mix
Method of Ingestion:smoke

The lady in the rollercoaster travelling towards me from what I perceived as upside down. She traveled towards me on her rollercoaster while I was on mine. The funny thing is, she seemed to be travelling upside down, but her hair fell towards her feet.

Ska Maria Pastora maybe? But she spoke English. And why do my journeys with Salvia tend to have this strong feminine pressence? Why do I read about this being in other peoples' experiences as well? I feel a male pressence within the trip as well, yet that presence usually comes in a form of a low-frequency "sound" or "hum".

I grew up speaking English, but I can also speak a couple of other languages quite fluently. Why was she saying "c'mon Points, c'mon Points!" in English while she raised her hand towards me as our coasters came close to each other.

It was a BEAUTIFUL experience, and I hope I can meet her again in a dream, so I can communicate with her in conversation maybe. She seemed very caring and loving. Maybe somewhat of a guide?

Can someone please tell me if they have had similar experiences?

Thanks! Love...


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Posted by tattva on 07/11/2011
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Hey, I've had similar experirences. I wondered who are they, because i've heard more than one voice. And the second time i think i really faced 'the doorman'. And yes, they were telling me 'Come on! Come on!' And also i don't believe the sex of the voice really matters... It turns this should be the spirit of Salvia. What do you think?


Posted by MushroomMan9955 on 11/18/2012
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I also had a similar experience you should it it called the magic school bus I Iknow it may sound a little childish but I bet you could relate to it it's in level 4 near the top let me know what u think of it

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