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Posted by Anonymous on 17/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:pipe

My friend and I went halfsies on some salvia that cost us each 15 bucks. We invited along a friend to mooch off our salvia and also my friend's boyfriend, who would be babysitting us because he said he'd never do salvia again. It was summer, weather was perfect, and we headed out to an old, family-owned, un-used house in the country that has tons of acres of property. We were disappointed to find that my aunt had finally locked the doors, and that there was no way inside (HUGE bummer, since the house has beautiful comfy carpet and is entirely sunny, decked out in stuff from the late 60's). But we decided to lay in some soft grass beneath a willow tree instead.
So my first hit was ruined because my friend happened to make me laugh, forcing the smoke out. I was a bit inebriated afterwords, objects kind of floated in front of me. Also I felt happy. My second hit was nice though, and soon enough I felt like I was being cradled deeper into the ground. I was in a sort of orange half pipe with my friends faces way above me looking over the edge at me. It was like a bit of that image pasted over the reality that was in front of me. I tried to explain to my friends that there was a huge ring making it's way across the air, making ripples. At the same time, I kept remembering that what I was saying was absurd, which prompted me to laugh quite hard. Also, I felt the sensation of thousands of little tips gently poking the whole frontside of my body. There was another moment when I felt like there might have been cartoon friends reaching out to tell me something down in the half pipe. I recommend salvia because it's unlike much else and is natural and legal (for now). If you have a bad trip it won't last, and as long as you keep your cool, you should get off with nothing worse than maybe a bit of drool and some singed eyelashes (if you're not paying attention to the pipe you're holding, as I did not). Have fun kids.


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Posted by Shrewt on 04/17/2010
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Pretty good report but im surprised that you took such a high dose for ur first time. Also do u plan to try salbia again?

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