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Within the Fabric and To The Edge


Posted by Anonymous on 19/12/2010
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I thought I was just going to get high with friends today as a way to relax after exams but I got a text beforehand saying "we're thinking of smoking salvia, you down?" Now, I had heard of salvia and even seen a couple youtube videos online documenting different individuals' experiences with the drug. As someone who doesn't even smoke pot regularly, it would have been predictable for me to turn down my friend's posit with a simple "no thanks, I'll stick to the pot." However, being a little hypomanic having just finished exams I actually said "yeah."

On my way over to my friend's place I sent another friend a text message sarcastically asking "are you ready to transcend consciousness?" It was more a joke aimed at the drug than for personal entertainment. I thought there was no way I was going to see little purple men or float. Although, I was hoping if something DID happen, I see Jesus on the cross, or talk to God, at least have my opinion on existence and life be brought to my own forethought.

Being new to this, I watched a couple friends smoke first in order to get an idea of what to expect. One friend didn't show any effects. He said his mind was just clear. The other was experiencing some hallucinations - the couch I was sitting on was getting bigger yet I was staying the same size. These effects of the drug (a clear mind and minor hallucinations) seemed conquerable. Nothing I couldn't handle. I hit a fresh bowl of salvia making sure I took a big hit and held it in. I passed the pipe to a friend who had yet to smoke, said "I can feel it" then was pulled down by what felt like a magnetic force.

From here on in it is important to note that there were two of me. There was the physical self still in the room with three friends, and their was my mind which was in another dimension. My physical self was on the floor, sprawled across the coffee table, and even had car keys in hand preparing to leave at one instant during my mind body dualism. Thankfully, a friend took the keys away.

My mind had been welcomed into only what I can refer to as the fabric of the earth. All was removed from the world before my very eyes. There were twelve "people" or "things" or "humanized objects" that had welcomed me to the fabric . They pulled away the room around me like a table cloth after dinner. It was all fake. Extinguished. Only an interpretation of my body's perception of the world. All that was under this cloth were the twelve, apparently omnipotent, entities that had welcomed my mind. I immediately came to understand that these twelve entities made up the entire world. I still don't know what they were, whether it be dimensions, or states, or elements. What I do know is I ran. I ran to the edge of the room which dropped off to nothing. Not even the twelve entities existed there. I couldn't have crossed that ledge if I wanted to. It wasn't meant to happen.

In comparison to our minds, our bodies are simple. My body had been left in the world everyone knows while my mind had gone beyond that superficial construct. However, it seems like there is a farther journey to be had.

After seeing the edge between The Twelve and nothingness I was involved in a celebration with the twelve. I was being held while I tried to pull away. It was at this point in time where my mind was starting to settle back into my body. I could see the three faces of my friends so I pulled towards them. I looked back at The Twelve, their faces now in the TV to which I was also now attached. They begged me to stay but I kept pulling away. I could see my friends better now and I could also feel how hot I was. I ripped off my shirt and lied on the leather couch to cool my skin down while the colours of the TV were all blending together. My friends asked if I was okay and if I could tell them what happened, but it would take me a couple hours to even be able to find the right words.

All that I'm left with now is a memory which can be interpreted in many different ways, I'm sure. The Twelve may have represented the uni-dimensional strong that vibrates in eleven dimensions as posited by M-Theory. It would make sense as The Twelve were the omnipresent infrastructure of what lay beneath the cloth that once was a room. It could have been many other things as well. What I do no is that I wasn't capable of getting someone further than I had gone today. The Edge is there but salvia wasn't going to get me across. Seeing as I had achieved the most altered state of consciousness of my friends I'm confident that I would be the only one able to even come close to crossing it, and I didn't. Rumor has it that DMT takes you across The Edge and that is where peace is found. But I found peace in the fact that I had a spiritual journey today. I didn't see Jesus on the cross, or talk to God, but I saw that there is a place I'm not ready to go to yet. Mentally or physically. And that is peace enough for me.


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Posted by valkyrie on 01/05/2011
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I like that you mention M-Theory. Not that I know so much about it myself, but it's interesting to hear how people interpret their trips. For me, for example, I focus on the analysis of my subconscious mind, Jungian theories, you know? But anyway, it's all connected.

The Twelve are so mystical and enigmatic. Were they welcoming or frightening or neither or both?


Posted by awrath on 01/11/2011
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They were welcoming but I just wanted out. They were definitely enjoying themselves much more than I was!

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