Salvia Trip



Posted by AtrociouS on 07/12/2008
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Type/Strength:20x crushed leaf
Method of Ingestion:small bong

Ok. so it alwasy starts off with my putting a small amount of salvia 20x in a small bowl. (I am very stingy since it cost me $30 for a gram)
I then continue to smoke it.I hold the hit in for 30 seconds whatever till i get bored and let it out. I then feel it coming on a slight heavyness. It then feels as if i am in a huge room. It seems to always feel like I am in a giant warehouse and people are trying to pull me.
I feel as if something is tingling all over me but i know whats going on. I know what is going on the whole time I just cant understand why i always feel as if someone is annoying me or pulling me. i tried closing my eyes for some visuals. Nothing. but at the end i always feel calm, happy, a slight highness. I wanted to know if i was missing something


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