Salvia Trip



Posted by high dragon on 23/08/2009
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Method of Ingestion:glassbong

ya hi there,hooh it was an unexpected surprise,while at the same time scary...this was my first time smokin Sally d.Yap i can really mention that it seemed somewhat harsh,especially while i thought that i was lying on the floor but actually i was knieing in a corner and i couldn´t manage to find the ground or walls or akind of other :help:to say so,to manage to stand up.UHHH it was a real new trip,a bit of shocking because i never thought that it could act in such a short time,10-20 sec.and induce such new possibilities to see...all different,but icouldn´control my Saliva secretion,and istarted sweating and feeling hot.Also icouldn´t control that crazy but nice laughkicks,i do laugh a lot on it.All in all i think that it is worth the try,this morning i had 3 bongs and ...very nice day.Even the thoughest guys got impressed after their first try!Iwanna mention that i had 3 years lots of acid,after than all the other illicit shit,and if i would have heard about this wowplant in time ,surely it could have changed my life...merci and ciao,jimmy fr.romania.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 08/23/2009
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Nice report. Don't bother submitting crap.

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