Salvia Trip

Worth a try


Posted by Anonymous on 26/05/2011
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Type/Strength:20x & 40x
Method of Ingestion:glass bowl

So my first time trying this was just with 20x, it took a huge rip until my throat burned, then i started tasting it, then i exhaled after about 15 more seconds. Kid cudi was playing in the background, and this definitely controlled my trip. My first trip was actually really fun. I couldn't control my arms, so i started moving them up and down while laughing hysterically. While laughing, i noticed my living room turned into a carnival. This carnival was dark and had purple neon lights everywhere. I felt like i was on a ferris wheel just rocking back and forth. I would swing over the tv, and come back behind the couch. It only lasted a little while, so after about half an hour or so, i took another rip of 40x this time.

This time, my trip felt i was falling sideways, like i was sliding across the room, definitely not in my body. I swear to god, I left my body. I looked to see if i was gonna crash into anything and of course i was at the end of the couch, so the glass door was next to me. The door had rain drops on it from earlier and to me, the glass broken and shattered into a million pieces. I had no idea what the fuck was going on anymore. I thought a boat crashed into the glass door, because there's a small lake right in our backyard. I tried thinking what the fuck is happening? why is the glass door broken? why am i sliding outside the room? I looked at my friends, and i dont even remember what they were doing. I thought, "oh shit, the door is shattered because we got struck by lightning, and it seemed like my friends were telling me its ok.

Anyways, after those 2 trips, i felt pretty exhausted, so i called it a night. But i would definitely try again.


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