Salvia Trip

Zipping away consciousness


Posted by mindhunter on 24/02/2009
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Method of Ingestion:water pipe

The first time I was introduced to Salvia....was via the carefree fun of a friend .....who slipped me some of the sage instead of the usual can"o"bus that I was requesting. Needless to say it caught me by surprise & very much off guard and sub-planted firmly the curiosity to try it again under the right circumstances.

On to the experience.......
I could bore you with the theatrical elements that preceded the experience, but all I will say about it is, that my intention at this time was to merely have a Level 1-2 experience & work upwards from there, but I ended up pushing well into a Level 4. As I sat in my sitters computer room in an office chair that spins so fluidly on a hardwood floor.....I began to melt away into a very lucid dream.......the similar feelings of centrifugal force & this pressure or weight upon my chest were recognizable to me from that first taste. The warm & cool breezes fighting at my neck, and the merging with objects & colors in front of me were quite enjoyable to begin with. As this merging continued though...something changed in my conscious mind. This ultimately began an internal struggle that turned into a very real actualization. I was beginning to leave the world I had already been so familiar with. The very world that up until now contained all my memories, dreams, emotions, & efforts was now beginning to be an after thought.....almost like a joke or prank that had been played on me since my birth. I looked down a my navel(bellybutton) to see a zipper attached to it....curiously I pulled the zipper up and as I did, familiar voices & shadows of figures where reaching out through the now open space coaxing me... & whispering “let it go”......”forget about it & just come back”........and when the zipper reached eye level the entire world as I had known it...came off of me as if it were a sheet or mask that I was now shedding. This shedding of my previous consciousness or reality was happening over & over & with more intensity as each layer was peeled back to reveal this new consciousness. It was all happening whether I wanted it to or not....& it was using the familiar voices & silohuettes to entice me & encourage my surrender into this new reality. I felt a great sense of loss & sadness, now realizing that all I had come to know previously as my reality or life was merely dreamt or again some kind of joke. My mind began to fight back and I pulled the zipper back down to stop this shedding effect from continuing.......I slowly began to make out familiar objects around me....things(objects in the room, my sitter) which seemed like moments ago were no longer a part of my new reality were returning to comfort me and bring me out of my dream.....I felt an overwhelming sense of relief that my life was no longer this cosmic joke, as I had felt so strongly just moments ago. My full consciousness was returned and all that was left was my appreciation for those very memories, dreams, emotions, & efforts which were previously being shed. I felt solace in the fact that my experience had given me a greater gratitude for the things which I have taken for granted, despite the obvious anxiety at having to fight for my mind(perceived reality) to attain it. Salvia is definitely for a vision quest....and not for casual recreational use.......I respect its powers & properties.......and I am grateful for its offerings & insights.


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